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Medical Rape

8.06.2010 | Books

Strip naked; pull back the foreskin; turn; bend forward; spread your buttocks.’ In the hands of a perverted military establishment generations of German young men have always done what they were told. And, it has got worse with time: during the Nazi era at least male doctors performed the degrading military ‘medicals’; thereafter, as a bizarre result of ‘equal opportunities’, zealous women have taken over.

Mental anguish due to such humiliation is widespread in society, but nobody seems to care. Protection of young men is not a priority. It is true, economic woes (not calls for human rights) will soon end conscription. But, on a smaller scale the abuse will continue – now with ‘volunteers’ as victims.

MEDICAL RAPE presents a shocking  story that might look like fictitious sadomasochistic porno. However, it isn’t: it is a true account of state-authorised sexual abuse. Therefore, in the name of millions of defenceless young victims, the author calls for an unconditional apology for what they were exposed to by their own country. He also demands an immediate stop to further ill-treatment.

Reviews: By Cardiologist Dr Joel Sherman

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While writing this story, I was constantly reminded of a few lines from the works of the late Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen in the back of my head. He once wrote it for Amnesty International and it is about torture. 

I am not claiming that also this book is about torture. However, it is about degrading treatment, and those two concepts are often mentioned in the same sentence – also in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed and adopted on 10th December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. There it is written in Article 5 that ‘no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’.

Halfdan shared that view, but he also felt that there can be something even worse out there. I know it might be easy for somebody like me to say so (after all, I was never myself put on a rack), but I do understand what this most beloved poet tried to say. Therefore I like to share his words with you in my own very free and utmost humble English version.

It’s not the torturer who scares me;

it’s not the hate, suffering or pain.

Neither is it the rifle they might point at me,

nor the ghastly shadows down the lane.

No, it’s nothing of that that hurts me,

what it is is the blind indifference,

Yes, all these ordinary people who do not give a damn.




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