This is my humble copy of Rubens study of an old man (Edinburgh Museum – to make it clear, not this one but Rubens’…)

I love the portrait art of the Flemish and Dutsch golden age. My greatest favourites are Frans Hals and Rembrandt. As I have spent lots of time in Amsterdam in the recent year I have had lots of opportunities to search for old frames at the Waterloo Plein market behind the old master’s house. My own life long ambition is to develop into a mediocre portrait painter who might one day even sell a picture.




 My grandfather Karl Adrian. As many from my native Sweden he, his father and two brothers  emigrated to North America at the beginning of the last century. Opposite his father and brothers my grand father returned home after a few years.

this is my wife Josephine’s favourite

but she also kindly thinks that this looks like me…


stolen art