Boo and Bentley

Boo and Bentley

Boo (a pug, b. 1.4.10) and her son Bentley (b. 12.10.12) have been with us since February 2014 – and are so lovely.





 From the ad: 

Boo and Bentley (2)Boo and Bentley (or Bobo and Bentie as they are called at home) are now vegans and very happy with that. Many people think that dogs cannot be vegetarians (as we are ourselves) or vegans, but it is not true. There are many food companies selling animal friendly, cruelty-free animal food that has everything a dog needs (IMPORTANT that it is complete food: as with humans, one cannot just cut out the meat; it has to be replaced). Benewo  is only one of these providers but our dogs’ favourite. On top of that they get carrots, cucumbers and other fruit and vegs cut in small pieces as treats and they just love that. No cruelty dog treat video: here they enjoy a pear. All that, topped up with seaweed (dental care), an occasional edible ‘tooth brush’ (from Benewo) and artificial bones to chew, keep them healthy, slim and happy (though Bobo would eat much more than she is allowed, could she just get away with it). No need to buy expensive, processed and mostly unhealthy dog treats in plastic bags; there are simple and cheap ways to keep a dog healthy and happy without buying in to the distress and cruelty of modern factory farming. Our dogs do not live a happy life on the back of suffering animals. They are the most loving small individuals one can imagine – though our neighbours’ cat Jos would probably not agree with that….