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2016: With Labour now split on the question of scrapping or renewing Trident it surprises me that the much more sensible but never mentioned third option is never mentioned. As is evident in a world that has any desire to survive, a nuclear deterrent is nothing but precisely that: a deterrent. They are not meant to be used, as, if they were, all of us, not only young innocent often conscripted men on European battlefields but also those in power, those pressing the button and all the rest of us, will be dying agonising deaths while our habitat will be made uninhabitable for years to come. I am a year-long Corbyn supporter but also in favour of keeping (not renewing) what has heavily contributed to 70 years of European peace. Are they up to date? Probably not, but is the unexploded WWII bomb you might find in your back garden up to date? Would you dare dispose of it in your recycle bin? Probably not. The same principle goes for Trident. As long as we believe they might blow up they will continue to serve their purpose. What to do with the money saved: free school dinners (as I had in Sweden growing up) to stop children going hungry and affordable child care that could give young parents a real choice and chance in life – just to give a couple of options. With Jeremy Corbyn we finally have a chance to turn this country around from being a desperate former empire trying to punch over its weight to being what it should be: a caring home for all its people, including all the disadvantaged children.

July 2015:  What an utmost disgrace that former Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening, 94 now and twelve at the time the German people in a democratic election voted for Hitler and his Nazi party, has now been made the ultimate scapegoat for what in reality was a nation’s collective guilt. Not only did most of the top Nazis get away with it, the nation that stood behind soon forgot their own involvement and now a few old men who grew up amidst solid Nazi propaganda where Hitler was seen as close to a god are to be sentenced for participating, however comparably small their parts – when not doing so would have led not only to a certain death but condemnation from family, ‘friends’ and state. This excerpt from my book ‘HITLERS DESERTERS, When Law Merged with Terror’ might give an idea about this rarely mentioned fact regarding the German dictatorship: “In 1934, Reich President Hindenburg’s death was followed by a referendum in which an overwhelming majority of the German people approved of the proposal to combine the posts of president of the republic and chancellor under one hat, Adolf Hitler’s. The turnout of voters was enormous: 95% of the electorate took part and out of them 90% were in favour. As the Nazi administration already had legislative powers according to the recent Enabling Act, this referendum made the former corporal into a dictator – an elected one. It was obvious that the people wanted it that way.”

When Judge Kompisch (one wonder how his ancestors had cast their votes and what involvement they had had…) told the court that ‘Groening could easily have applied to fight at the front later in the war’ he forgot to mention that it was the Wehrmacht, the Nazi conscripted armed forces, that made Auschwitz and all other extermination camps possible. Without the armed defence of the Reich the extermination would have stopped years earlier.

West Germany was to a large degree built up by ex-Nazis. Decades after the fall of the Third Reich, administration, law, politics and the armed forces were dominated by people who happily had served the Nazi regime in senior posts. Some of these men, now in their ‘second career’, reached the highest posts as generals and ministers but for all of them it can be said, they were ‘forgiven’ by the Adenauer government and the Western allies. They were now needed again as ‘we’ had got a new enemy, the Communists. However there was another side to that forgiveness: thirty thousand war deserters and war-refusers (most of them dead but some still alive) were not shown the same mercy. They remained traitors also legally until a few years ago. Their history of a lifetime as outcasts in their own country and now the creation of a scapegoat to carry the blame for the biggest of all war crimes can only be seen as evidence that also today’s Germany has a lot of work to do. They need to come to terms with their own hypocrisy.


23 February 2015: Comment on head lines:  By claiming that “Russian bombers are playing ‘chicken’ with RAF” before asking for more money to be spent on military hardware and NATO it seems to me that we are witnessing a distasteful, rather ridiculous attempt by the former defence chief Lord Stirrup to stir up (completely needless) fear in the population that a new Battle of Britain could be around the corner. As former RAF pilot Lucas wrote yesterday, nothing unusual is happening in the skies around these islands. Stop the scare mongering.

on line democracyPlan to put voting online by 2020 election” ( I 26 January) is difficult to believe. It might sound an immense exaggeration, but that will be the end of democracy as we know it. Compared with other European countries, Britain already has a problem at polling stations, as voting takes place without adhering to strict rules of secrecy. Anybody casting a vote in a democratic society should be able to do so without anybody else – spouse, friend, relative, employer – having a chance to see what they actually voted for. It is only in that way that external pressure can be prevented. With online voting anybody with the power over somebody else, no matter how benign, can look forward to increased influence. Goodbye democracy. 

I am not Charlie

WF Guardian, January 2015: Am I really the only person who sees parallels between democratic Nazi Germany’s smear campaign against their Jewish population and today’s ‘Charlie’ campaign against the Muslims? Then as now the masses came out to show support for the concept of ‘us against them’; then as now cartoons were used to vilify, lampoon and hurt appointed victims/targets. Then as now religious differences were used to instigate hate and create scapegoats. We all know how it ended in those days but nobody seems to have learned from that. Good (meant as ‘satire’) for the western world, after the interim years with the Communists and the Soviet Union as our favourite enemy ‘we’ have found a new group to attack. But, what right do we have to use the precious right of free speech for that purpose? What right do we have to besmirch the memory of all those real heroes, not malicious cartoonists, who, despite the serious dangers involved, fought for this right to express our views without the evident risk of extremely serious consequences? I just wonder, will the ‘brave’ Charlie-people and all their new friends now re-publish those old Nazi cartoons in the same way as they repeat the insults of the prophet or should we rather stay with our new enemies? Probably safest so.

26 December 1914:  The Queen’s Christmas message was indeed remarkable: first she seems to consider one woman’s search for her husband in war-torn Europe as an example of ‘reconciliation’ – as if the couple had been torn apart by a marital row and not by an insane war on which they as commoners had had no say. Then we learn that the 888,246 ceramic poppies at the Tower of London reminded us ‘of the grief of loved ones left behind’. Now, all of a sudden, reconciliation must have been forgotten as all these butchered men remembered by the poppies had all been British, – not one single German conscript among them. On it goes: ‘Without any instruction or command, the shooting stopped and German and British soldiers met in no man’s land. (…) It was a Christmas truce.’ No mentioning here of the fact that it was despite the command structures this was allowed to happen, that it was due to the fact that the high ranking officers on both sides were busy celebrating Christmas far behind the front line. As soon as they heard about the ‘disgrace’ these ordinary men were commanded back and ordered to restart the massacres of their new friends, people they had never fallen out with in the first place. Therefore, the word ‘reconciliation’ in this context is utterly misplaced. Also please remember, all this was under the supremacy of the Queen’s grandfather, whose picture she displayed beside her while speaking, and his German cousin Wilhelm, the war-hungry Kaiser. As history thereafter has shown us, with another nine years of world war in Europe, and with the knowledge that the aristocracy, not the commoners, made the decisions, it seems to me that the Queens’s final comment ‘the Christmas truce a century ago reminds us, peace and goodwill have lasting power in the hearts of men and women’ is ill-advised to say the least.

29 November 2014: What a condescending end to the ‘Plebgate’ affair: By ruling that the police officer lacked the wit (i.e. he was too stupid) to have lied, the upper class judge far outdid the alleged heat-of-the-moment abuse the PC had been exposed to by MP Mitchell. I take for granted that kind of public defamation will go unpunished.

17 September 2014:  Tomorrow Scotland votes Yes or No to independence, and, in panic, the scaremongers come out in mass. As a Swedish former resident of Scotland now living in London I strongly support the Yes campaign. The latest Westminster concerns, now about defence and the alleged irresponsibility of Scottish voters if they decide to leave the union I find extremely off-putting and misleading. It is conveniently forgotten that Westminster governments, be it Labour or Tory, have led Britain into several unnecessary and even aggressive wars, the latest leading to the present volatile situation in the Middle East and possible threats to the own country(ies). When Cameron et all speak about their passion about the union it is in fact the fear of the final demise of British special influence in world politics they are passionate about, not the welfare of the Scottish people. Without Scotland, and in ‘union’ with Wales – that internationally, let’s face it, only is seen as a province of England – a London government will be on parity with the ones in Rome, Madrid and Warsaw – and, as a consequence of that, the time of the Empire will finally be completely over. This is good for the people of Scotland and it is good for the people of England. No longer to be a permanent member of the Security Council, something that will follow, from now on only to be two nations among all others, is what the establishment fears above everything else- but for the people of both nations that is what will bring permanent peace. Vote Yes to independence and no more involvement in imperialistic aggression. Vote Yes to no more young Scottish men being sacrificed in criminal foreign wars. With no foreign wars Scotland and its people can live in peace like their Norwegian and Icelandic neighbours and would hardly need much of a defence force. A showing off of the Military Tattoo once or twice a year will probably do it.

25 July 2014. Today’s news: “German efforts to prosecute ageing war criminals suffered a setback this week with the death of a retired Philadelphia toolmaker. Bavarian prosecutors had hoped to extradite 89-year-old Johann “Hans” Breyer over his alleged service as a guard at Auschwitz in 1944. He died before being extradited to be held art responsible for the murder of 216,000 Jews.” I have no comments as to what he did at Auschwitz. But what a hypocrisy! Sixty-nine years after the end of WWII this man – 20 at the end of the war and seven as the Nazis came to power – was to be held responsible for crimes against humanity – this all despite the whole German state was rebuilt by ex-Nazis, the real culprits who, thanks to Adenauer and the western powers, were left to rebuild their lives and careers and avoid responsibilities. All this at the same time as those who refused to participate were seen (for some until 2009) as ex-criminals. What a world we live in.

July 2014 Rape in war has been focused on in a summit on sexual violence in London. Governments were requested to bring war rapists to justice. All this with British Foreign Minister Hague seeking photo opportunity alongside Hollywood star Angelina Jolie but without a word about the wide spread enforced governmental/military establishment ‘training’ methods which constitute the very basis for rape in war – the institutional use of sexual violence and abuse against male recruits, in which women very often play a major and intentional role. Without addressing this question rape in war will never be abolished. We need respect and protection of all human beings also the conscripted and volunteer soldiers.

13.3.13  BILD Zeitung, Germany’s biggest tabloid. Doesn’t this picture, that has entered the tabloid’s photo competition, show it all when it comes to military discipline. Not one of these soldiers from the  German air forces dares step out of line and see to their comrade who has fallen to the ground. They were all waiting to swear the oath of allegiance to their state but none of them felt their friend’s life and health would be allowed to take priority over that…. It’s not their fault, it is the systems. It shows what you can do to people. It shows the destruction of the mind caused by the military system. I have seen a similar picture from Britain with the Queen on a horse right in front of  a guard lying on the ground. What a world we live in.

22 Januar 2012:  In METRO today I read that “prince Harry’s love of video games made him ‘probably quite useful’ when it comes to firing the weapons on ‘his’ £45 million (Apache attack-) helicopter”. Further to that I learned that the royal celebrity – who in the same interview apologises for letting his family down as he last year (publicly for the cameras) stripped in his £5 000 a night (British taxpayer-paid) Las Vegas  hotel suite – enjoys sitting with his fingers on the triggers in this most hideous killer machine (looking for Taliban fighters to kill). ‘Its a joy for me because I’am one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox..’  This guy finds it amusing to play real ‘video games’ in which he, from safe distance, kills young people – many of whom had been forced to be where they were, either by warlords or due to desperate economic needs. After all it is well known that the only ‘safe’ income for most young Afghan men today is to join armed forces on either side. How many such men’s lives has Mr Harry Windsor on his conscience? I have only one word for all this: DISGUSTING


Isn’t it remarkable?  First these soldiers are sent to a far away country where the UK has nothing to do in order to kill insurgents. Normally, when they succeed directly with this job, as goes for any assassination carried out by drones and other weapons, all is fine: no murder charges. In this case ‘the target’ was only injured, but now the people sent there by their own government to kill him are charged with his murder – for not giving first aid…. It’s a mad world. isn’t it? When will Blair, Bush, Cameron and Obama be charged for murder?


18.4.2012  This  morning I wrote to the Metropolitan Police: Dear Sir/Madam, Recently I visited the London National Portrait Gallery’s Lucian Freud Portrait exhibition. To my absolute horror I found there a picture which, I presume, had it been presented in any other circumstances than obviously an art gallery, would have been subject to serious criminal investigation. As the art gallery describes it themselves upon my wife’s complaint to them (She wrote: “I was completly horrified by the painting of a semi naked child on a bare floor in a stressed position with ‘evidence of the father’s presence”.):

“The painting depicts Lucian Freud’s daughter Isobel Boyt. She recalled the experience of sitting for this portrait in Jake Auerbach’s film ‘Lucian Freud Portraits’, and here she spoke of the hours of boredom in the sittings for this painting. Later she looked back on the experience fondly, and as a woman sat for her father again in other paintings….”

(also in similar position,  I understand…)

On your Metropolitan Police website I read the following: ” Non-photographic child sexual abuse images (drawings and computer-generated imagery) hosted in the UK  Don’t ignore it, report it!

This text immediately concerned the web, but it cannot be more acceptable to depict/paint a stressed naked child – who in this way had posed for hours for her own father – in a famous art gallery. Or can it? I am well aware of legislation around the issue of indecent , pornographic pictures (photographs) of children. I know that possession of such child pornography – for example down loaded on a computer – is illegal and will be prosecuted. My question is: is the possession of a (highly professional) painted picture (portrait) of a specific, named child – lying with naked bottom in a stressed position on a bare floor in – as described, and obvious for the viewer –  the ‘presence of her father’, different? And, if so, why? I understand that an ‘artistic’ photograph of a child in that position would have been considered as outright child abuse and child pornography and that even the possession of such picture would be illegal and subject to prosecution. Therefore, my next question is: does that go for a painting as described as well, or is painted art above the law? If one painter is allowed to paint his daughter in that position for hours, where will the law and the prosecution service draw the line for who is not to be allowed to do the same? Who is to be charged for child abuse and who not? After coming across this case of ‘art’ I am very upset and would be very grateful if you would advice me of the police’s opinion and also advice what next step you intend to take. Looking forward to your response to this. It is my absolute conviction that this image should be removed from the exhibition immediately and be confiscated by Scotland Yard. For the benefit of child protection I hope you agree. The message must be clear. Stop sexual abuse of children. Nobody must be above the law. If this is not a responsibility of your department, please forward it to an officer who is responsible for this area. Sincerely Lars G Petersson


7.3.2012  Another six young British men have been sacrificed in Afghanistan in an unwinnable, pointless  war of aggression in a country a world away. This so called campaign – that has now gone on for over ten years and, as is obvious for anybody, has no chance of success – will according to head of the Armed Forces, General David Richards, continue until the end of 2014, that means another two and a half years. The day the foreign forces leave for new interventions elsewhere, the Afghans, whoever they are, for better and for worse, will then sort things out between themselves. If it wasn’t so tragic, all the loss and sacrifice of young lives in a pointless adventure that only serves the interests of the arms industry and a military establishment eager to test their new toys, the whole matter would be nothing but ridiculous – to put a time limit for fighting a war…. What would Hitler have said if the allies in 1940 had declared they would stop fighting in 1944? Would have been good for him, wouldn’t it? Just be patient and they go away. It all sound like a game: “let’s play a few years, killing our own young people and those of our opponents and after that we go somewhere else and start all over again.”

It’s the same story all over again: most British soldiers are there because there is no real work to be found in this country, and most Afghan opponents, the so called enemies, are young people who in a war torn home land have no other chance than to join armed groups (governmental or opposition) – intimidated to do so or forced by existential need, as for most no other means of making a living is available. Again, older generations’ leaders (most of them so called chick hawks, people who never themselves fought a war but are very trigger happy on behalf of others) are playing with the lives of the younger, all in the safety of secured compounds either over there or at Westminster. A horrible world we live in.

24.11.11 Again a report on ‘care’ for the vulnerable and elderlyBasic care for the elderly in their own homes in England is so bad it breaches human rights at times, an inquiry says. The home care review by the Equality and Human Rights Commission highlights cases of physical abuse, theft, neglect and disregard for privacy and dignity in home care. May I repeat: the whole system is rotten, it is about abuse and, not least it is about severe exploitation. I have spent months trying to get my insiders complaints investigated. There is no interest. As a (former) nurse I know  the care home industry in detail. I thought work conditions for care assistants couldn’t get worse. Recently I discovered I was wrong. I discovered that carers in the council sponsored (but privately run) home care are even worse off: An example is this man. He is paid minimum wage, but in reality his work day and earning look like this: his first client is at 8 am. He is there for 45 minutes. Then he has another visit at 11 am, one at around 3 pm and the final at 6 pm back at the first client. This man is worse off than his female colleagues, as the agency only let him attend male clients. His female colleagues have work in between as well. But this man lives one hour bus ride from the area he cover. He has nowhere to go in between the visits, but is forced to do window shopping. And, he is only paid (minimum wage) when he is actually with the client , not in between. Transport time between the clients are in the carers own time, not paid. This means that even for his better off female colleagues, they do not in any way reach minimum wage for the time they actually spend at work. Please calculate yourself on the example given and reflect upon your chances of making a living on that….. This is reality! These are the people who are blamed for neglect. It is not those who are really responsible.

24.5.2011       This is about a soldier who has left after 12 years in the German forces. For now, leave all that aside or read about the sexual abuse these people are exposed to. But now he has applied to become a police officer. In his early thirties this man tells a story about standing stark naked in front of another woman doctor again pulling back his foreskin…….  Sorry, I am completely fed up with all this. It is unbelievable how state sanctioned sexual abuse of people can be allowed to go on like this without anybody but a few ringing the alarm bell (that seems to be heard by nobody). What a world of sexual predators am I living in?

12.5.2011  What a shame on Germany. Utterly disgusting. For years this state protected former high profile Nazis who, like Judge Filbinger, thrived in high government positions while dishonouring and smearing the memory of around 50 000 (25 000 of them executed) deserters and war resisters. If they were ever lucky enough to survive the war these people lived and died in a post war Germany that saw them all as despicable traitors. Today this state (that bears the responsibility for the two major disastrous, murderous wars in the last century, including the holocaust) has the audacity to blame and sentence the (alleged) former death camp guard Demjanjuk (91) for accessory to mass murder of 28,060 people – all this without any evidence he committed a specific crime, apart from being there. Remember, even an Israeli court once freed this man, stating he was ‘the victim of mistaken identity’.

This Ukrainian man had been conscripted into the Soviet army to fight German aggression, he had been a PoW under brutal conditions (hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers – privates of course, the officers were treated differently – were left to freeze or starve to death).

As the defence attorney Ulrich Busch told the court: even if Demjanjuk did become a prison guard, he did so only because as a prisoner of war he would have either been shot by the Nazis or died of starvation.

I have no comment on whether Demjanuk was a guard or not. My comment is that it is disgusting to go for a man like him (a foreigner, conscripted into the enemy’s forces) when all but a handful of the real Nazis and collaborators were ever taken to court. After all, Hitler and his gang were even elected into office. As long as it all went ‘well’ they were in fact very popular…

26.04.2011   Former President Carter travels to North Korea accompanied  by former Irish President and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson I read in the newspaper this morning. I admire them both, and therefore it hurts even more when Ms Robinson is quoted saying “We believe that it is very, very important to ensure that women and children and the elderly do not suffer because of a political situation”. I hope she was misquoted. However, if that was what she said then, according to her, all human beings with exeption for males age 18 – 60 ( I think that is the line a male needs to cross for again to be reckoned as “innocent”) are to be protected from suffering – but these individuals, no matter their personal history, are not.

We have a picture in our front room showing Mary Robinson and my wife at an award ceremony in the Dublin presidential palace – one awarding a Red Cross prize to the other for her contributions to humanity (I am sure all humans were included) in midst of a brutal war in Somalia.  I am proud of that picture. Therefore I hope: maybe Ms Robinson’s alleged comment was just a mistake, the usual misconception that all civilians are “innocent”  and men of “military age” are not – though they very often are nothing but camouflaged conscripted civilians, or just that: male. At least I hope so. There are so few people left to admire. We need those who are still there – Mary Robinson included.

17.04.11 I have complained to Sainsbury’s about them buying and selling products from the occupied Palestine. This was their response and below that my comments. Join me and others in putting pressure on this supermarket. They must stop making business with settlement products. 


‘Recognition for being the agents and pawns of a ruthless death machine that systematically butchered and tortured civilians, that rained flaming jelly gasoline and poison chemical gas on old men, women and children’ I read on top of a page of Housmans Peace Diary as I  opened the week 16 page to add a future appointment.

How often have I been upset when reading the common description of ‘innocent victims of war’ as ‘womenchildren and old men’.  Never any mention that those excluded from that list of ‘innocent’ people are young men (in Britain 16 and upwards) who in many cases have never had a chance to decide themselves what they wanted to fight for before they were drawn into mortal conflicts caused by precisely many of those  ‘innocent’ individuals. We, many of the old ones, might not have had much to say, but in many countries we still have had a vote. Nevertheless, in case foreign aggressors attack us we are seen as innocent victims while our young sons, no matter what they have been up to in life, are legitimate targets. Interesting, isn’t it?

So who had written that above? In fact the organisation ‘Vietnam Veterans Against the War, USA’ – representing thousands of American men (average age at the time of battle: 19) who had had their whole life ruined (if they had been ‘lucky’ enough to survive) by their own democratic country’s assault on a people a world apart. These now elderly men are now indirectly saying that they themselves and their male counterparts in Vietnam should not be seen as ‘innocent’ on pair with other brutalised victims of aggressive warfare. They had been humiliated and brutalised from the beginning in a much worse way than what I describe happens to present days Germans and together with their Vietnamese counterparts they had lost their youth as pawns on older people’s battlefields. Still they don’t count themselves as victims. As I have seen so many times before, this is the ultimate result of military destruction of the human soul.