The Young Victims of the “Great” War

The Young Victims of the “Great” War


Young Evans’ grave; 19 he was when he was murdered by Europe’s ruling classes. I wonder who he was, this young man whose life was so brutally cut short for no reason whatsoever.

and here they are, row upon row of his ill fortuned comrades









Menin Gate and the glorification of a murdered youth








Menin Gate just before the start of the daily (military) ceremony. When I see these men marching there every night I ask myself the same question: what are they marching for?

I am waiting for my wife’s poems here.

Until then: “Let us kill off youth  –  For the sake of truth  –  We who are old know what truth is  –  Truth is a bundle of vicious lies  –  Tied together and sterilized  –  A war-makers’ bait for unwise youth  –  To kill off each other  –  For the sake of  –  Truth”    

 Comment on War   by    Langston Hughes