Letter from the US

Letter from the US

Mr Peterson,  (shortened)                November 2012

I am so with you of a sudden on this issue. Men in the US are granted absolutely no privacy — but are expected to be modest and to accept the fact that their genitals are repulsive to females. I’m 72, and I’m now prepared to link this syndrome (which is, as you say, abusive, it’s manipulative, it’s venal, it’s nasty, it’s bitchy) with the origins of male violence.

Looking this up, I came across your site on the German military induction system, and it all just clicked. It’s as if the male military establishment used the German woman to effect this ‘boot-camp’ brainwashing. In the US, the American woman was perfectly capable of doing this herself, dominating the patriotic volunteers of the Selective Service system where American males are put the “rigors” of being humiliated with female clerks and nurses and shoppers (!) wandering by naked men for an all-day examination.

I’m 72, and still teeth-grinding angry about this business, and I can say without hesitation that a lot of the American male anger, misogyny, maltreatment of women, and violence has its origins in the simple fact that, if females have no respect for men, then men will have no respect for women; if the military treats men like meat, men will go out and lose wars for them as they did in Vietnam. I lived through that, and it wasn’t the Kong most men complained about but about the way they were treated by the American military. I lived it. I listened to them for every scrap as I fought AGAINST that stupid war.

I’ve just gotten out of hospital for 2 months — and it hasn’t changed a bit! Men are still left naked in the corridors for the whole town to laugh at. Nurses are still measuring penises by the pull-stretch method and passing the information all along on their cell phones and giggling about it in the cafeterias. I heard them. Men’s privates are public — when the public decides to make them public.

(…) US men are really being pushed to the wall on this issue, and your efforts are roundly applauded. (…) Every male (only males) must sign in with the Selective Service, SS (no relation and yet a likeness), at age 18. The male is stripped, forced to stand naked for hours, has a haemorrhoid check — all in front of female clerks and soldiers. It is intentionally humiliating. It reduces whatever sense of modesty he has had. (…) Males are granted NO privacy in the US. Period. (…) My suggestion has been that a lot of the anti-feminine and misogynist grumblings amongst American men dates from this experience if not earlier. It happens in public schools, for example, when boys must stand naked in a school hallway being examined by a nurse whilst girls march by to her office for ‘private counsel’. (…) America is patriarchal but it’s female-fixated. My concern is that American men are becoming increasingly misogynist because of this ‘double standard’ which is being justified, of course, by ‘well, men dominated women for centuries’ …