Medical Rape introduction

Medical Rape introduction

Medical Rape
State Authorised German Perversion

She has got nothing on but a pair of knickers. The same goes for the other few young women in the waiting room. They are all so lightly dressed – and they all seem uncomfortable with the situation. Constantly men with files are running back and forth, and some of them can’t help having a quick glance at the young ladies while passing.
After a long waiting it is at last Ursula Müller’s turn. A man in a white coat stands in the door and calls her name. For the young woman it’s indeed quite stressing to walk across the room in such an almost naked state. However, she’s got no choice: after all, the exam for which she has come is a legal duty, and if she hadn’t turned up she could not only have been punished but, worse, police would have ‚escorted’ her to another ‚appointment’. Would the young woman ever have tried to avoid even that, she could very well have ended up in prison. Not very nice prospects really. No, going to jail Ursula wouldn’t fancy. After all she has not done anything bad. In fact she has done nothing. She has only grown into an adult, or at least almost so – that’s all. Seventeen she is, and in another few months she will be eighteen.
As the young woman enters the examination room she finds herself in company with two men: one who she believes is a doctor and another she recon must be his assistant. However, it’s all a guess; none of them has introduced themselves. Now something will happen that Ursula never will forget: her body will be thorougly inspected and assessed – that’s why she was ‚asked’ to come. Nothing will go undetected: head to toe it will be – mouth, teeth, breasts… just everything. In the middle of it all, half naked as she is, she will be asked to do twenty kneejerks, with bloodpressure before and after. Bit strange, really – as if her bloodpressure, due to her forced condition, wasn’t going through the roof regardless of doing kneejerks or running marathons.
After the young woman had been through all the initial stuff something comes that she has feared all along, actually for years. The last protection of her privacy will be removed. ‚Take off you knickers, please!’ Ursula’s cheeks turn red and hot. She turns helpless, doesn’t know what to do. No, she doesn’t want to do that. ‚I don’t want to be stark naked in front of two men’ she thinks for herself. It is too embarrasing a prospect. ’No, don’t do it!’ a subconcious voice screams at her. Ursula is gripped by a terrible anxiety as she notices the young man behind the desk who looks in her direction with a slight smile on his face. In the same moment – that felt like an eternity – the now impatient doctor repeats his order. With sharpness in his voice he commands: KNICKERS OFF! They young girl obviously see no chance but to do what she is told. The little resistance she might have had is now gone; she is defenceless. Now she is complete naked; she stands in the middle of the room, totally exposed; she feels the last of her protection is gone.
Ursula’s most intimate parts of the body are now to be eagely scrutinised und inspected. She would have wished she could sink through the floor; she feels so embarrassed and humiliated. The doctor starts to check her genitals, and he is doing it with great thouroughness. ‚After all, it must be tested as to its functionality’, or so it seems. He repeats his movements not just once but twice. In this moment Ursula’s most private parts sort of belong to another person, something she would never have allowed had she ever had had a choice. Then another order is heard: ‚ turn around, bend forwards and spread the buttocks!’ Automaticaly, now without resistance, the girl does as she is told. Her bum is now being thoroughly inspected with a little torch. She is, however, lucky: a finger in her anus she is spared (other ‚patients’ have to experience that to).
Ursula has had more luck this day as she has only been inspected by one doctor not two, which often can be the case. Sometimes also two assistants can be present; afterall, from time to time new staff have to be trained for the job. Indeed, it can be quite crowded around the ‚object’. Finally Ursula is allowed to put back on her knickers and leave the room. As she returnes to the waiting area the others there note that her face is like a tomato. Rest assure, they will soon, one after an other, have the same experience.

Of course this story never happened as it was here told. That’s not a way to treat young women. Completly out of order it would have been – impossible, simply perverse. Most people would share that view. Some might even ask: what fucking pervie has written such nonsense? Yes, what do I actually want to tell with such a story? In fact this, that a story like the one about Ursula not exclusively is to be found in the sick phantasy world of a sado-masocistich old bugger. Actually it has all a very real background. To make the story true we only need to swap the genders of all people involved. Having done so, it all turns into reality. Then we can also give it a name: a ‚military medical induction’ or, in German, ‚Musterung’. We now talk about a legally enforced medical where young men mainly by women, as cattle on a market place, are examined, inspected and assessed for forced military or zivilian service. At least one thousend times this scenario is repeted all across Germany every day all year around. The number of similar exams and controls are, however, much higher, as not only will young men this way be selected or discarded as possible candidates for forced service, a process which can mean repeated requests to make one self available for scrutiny, but in all barracks and by all zivilian authorities responsible for ‚employing’ consientious objectors all of it in every detail will be repeated not only when starting but also when leaving service – and sometimes even in between.
Testicles and backsides of young people can hardly have anything to do with defence of a country. Even for the defence authorities themselves that seems to make sence, as, of course, nothing in this area would serve as a reason for anybody to be excluded from forced service. Despite that, however, eager officials continue to order these parts of the body to be checked on their optimal function – as said not only repetedly before but also after ending the service. ‚After all, the forskin might have got stuck since the last exam…. Better to make sure it hasn’t.

No matter what, how odd it all might seem, in Germany – under the concept ‚national service’ – all what we here talk about is fully legitimised and established. Again and again the call sounds: strip! Again and again the state and its willing helpers reach out after young mens’ testicles and forskins, and again and again they are commanded to turn around, bend forward and spread their buttocks. And (isn’t it remarkable?), all of a sudden nobody seems to see a problem in it anylonger. Nobody looks at it as an assault. No, as already said, ‚musterung’ they call it and there the buck stops. Afterall, ‚so are the rules;’ ‚that has to be tolerated’. With those words any discussion, if there ever was one, generally ends.

Conscription – and with that military induction exams – was in Germany introduced during the time of the Emperor – the era we in this part of the world call Victorian. There was a break from practice during the Weimar republic that followed the ‚Great’ War, but with Hitler it was all re-introduced. For the Nazi dictator forced military service and humiliation of own soldiers were undispensible tools not only in the planned conquering of foreign countries but also in allowing him to exterminate ‚unworthy’ individuals in his own (adopted) homeland. It was indeed important to avoid any kind of rebellion, and the ruler knew how. What was needed was terrified, obedient, subservient subjects and those often first had to be properly brought up. The method was clear: most of us would quickly turn obidient if we have just stood a little while naked in front of a draftboard. Forced undressed in front of dressed people and most people would feel humiliated and defenceless. When one stands there, when one presents ones genitals on request, when one is ordered to turn around and spread the buttocks, at this point, if not before, even the strongest of men will be weak and very small. If not before, at this point every personal resistance will break. The first step in the preparation of the obidient soldier has been taken. Hitler knew that; they all knew that, and some still do….
Fortunately, today Hitler and his henchmen are history, and it is twenty years since the cold war finally ended. Warriors like the ones the Fuehrer was eager to produce are no longer needed, as, contrary to Wilhelm (II) and Adolf (Hitler), Angela (Merkel) has no intention or lust to attack her peaceful neighbours. The people in the EU live in peace with each other (at least compared to how it was before) and the only ‚campaigns’ being fought are nowdays arranged by UEFA and its sister organisations and not by the likes of Rommel and Montgomery. So what about the ‚musterungen’? Is this practice then also only to be traced back to dusty archieves reminding historians of a time long ago past? Unfortunately not. No, they are still there, just as the emperor and the Nazis once wanted them, and – these guys would be happy – even in an ‚improved’ version. With no war threatening its borders, the modern German state still calls to arms, and in doing so it is happily using the old recipie – in a new ‚egalitarian’ version – in order to bring new pawns into action.
So it is: a changed political systems and new peaceful times have not been allowed to change traditions. Yes, in a way everything goes on as usual; it is only that for the victims it has changed for the worse: instead of a male only ‚ritual of manhood’ the whole matter, the ‚musterung’, in name of the so called ‚equal rights’ legislation, has developed into a sexually tinged humiliation of young men. Willing women have taken over the roles of inspectors of the cannonfooder, and even if these females never themselvs have been subjects to legal duties, and never will, they have been given unlimited power over hundereds of thousends of forced young naked youngsters. Just like the fictive Ursula felt, so uncountable young men on a daily basis feel. A more pervers interpretation of the word ‚equal rights’ is difficult to find – unlimited right for the free woman in a place where all rights, even the constitutional right of dignity, have been removed from the forced man.

‚Do I really have to go to ‚musterung’ even if I volonteer to do zivilian national service? I am terrified! OK, I am only 16, but it is not that long before it will be my turn. Is it really so that they will put a finger up in my buttom and that they will check the penis?’ This was the young ‚Rolf’s’ anonymous desperate call for help on the internet. I know his anxiety. I felt the same once many years ago. So was also my childhood ruined. Like so many other young boys also I feared growing into adulthood and having to stand there before the inspectors. Yes, it is correct, even if Rolf according to international law still is a child and even if he according to German legislation never has had a right to vote – never has had the democratic right to express his opinion in an election – he is soon, from his 17th birthday (still underage), according to the law on conscription, to be having his rights of freedom of movement and personal liberty severely restricted. Adult people have decided it so for him. At the same time as he will be ‚asked’ to learn how to protect the freedom of his own people, these, the same people, have prescribed for himself to lose his own. Quite odd, really. From now on Rolf must learn to obey without discussion, and, as the first step in this process, he is ‚asked’ to strip and ‚present himself’. When Rolf has first done that he has no privacy left to protect, and that is of course all intentional. Thereafter it will be so much easier to get him to do what needs to be done; it will be so much easier to get him to march and put his life on the line, if necessary to sacrifice it – this of course independent of whether or not he has had any idea himself about the necessity of that sacrifice.

Isn’t it rediculous to defend all this rubbish with labels like „screenings“ and „healthchecks“’? Dieter, a friend of mine, all of a sudden said about the subject.’What they do has of course nothing to do with such things. How could testicular cancer have anything to do with the defence of Germany? Of course it’s only a cover.’ Especially the fact that female doctors and assistents had carried it all out was difficult for Dieter to accept. ‚I felt ashamed in front of them, and at the same time this shame and humiliation had made me a bit aroused.’ It was Dieter’s first close body contact with the opposite sex after growing up. Before, as an adult, he had had no intimate skin contact with a woman. That made it difficult for him during the exam – not least as he couldn’t know how his body would react. ‚Long before the day I feared that I would get an erection. How embarrassing it would have been. It was unbelievably embarrasing to have to stand stark naked in front of this woman, and had I got a stiff it would have been unbearable.’
As is the case with so many others, Dietmar constantly is thinking back on what they did to him that day. ‚As I walked home, I felt as if I had been raped, and still this day it is all there in my head – as if it was only yesterday.’ The feeling of shame will probably never leave this man. Every day the people from that day are there in his head, and, as he says, ‚then I must fight to supress not only the anger but also thoughts about taking my own life’. Very often Dieter dreams about taking revanche, but, of course, that he can’t. That is not allowed, and he is not violent, only deeply hurt.

Dieter was the first person who introduced me to this bizarre German world of ‚play doctor by the doctor’. After hearing his story, I started to look for other victims, and they – thanks to the anonymity of the internet – were not difficult to find. There I started to explore a world full of shame, embarrasment, hurt feelings and extreme anger. It has indeed chocked me to discover how huge the problem is – how many men, young and old, who are suffering in silence and who seem to have nobody by whom they can seek comfort. If they were all just to speak out, but they wont. No, they are a silent crowd. We know that most every man in the country has been there in these centers, but openly confronted they will all deny that it was ‚anything special’ they had to do in there. It is too embarrasing to admit that also ‚I’ had to accept being inspected, controlled and ‚examined’ from head to toe as cattle on the market place. By listening to those who – protected by anonymity – do speak out, we can, however, start to feel what this perverse game has done to part of humanity (unfortunately not only in Germany but elsewhere). As one of these men said to me: ‚I felt like it was a MOT… and I was the car’. This man had stopped to see himself as a human being, only as a thing. ‚After all, they own my body.’ Ever since, it has all stayed in his head; from that moment as a youngster his life ceased to be enjoyable.

How is it that a modern, democratic society can allow all this to happen? How can a society really defend the consekvenses of such state-legitimated abuse? How can it ever be accepted that there are men around who, due to openly sanctioned shamefull experiences, years after, are full of anger and subdued aggression? How can it be accepted that others react with depressions, anxiety, sleep disturbances, nightmares, extreme irritation and suicidal thoughts only because the state once, for no acceptable reason, encrouched into their private parts? How many young men have already killed themselves because the shame was too big to hold at bay and because they had nowhere to seek help? How many men have beaten up their partners or have comitted other violent acts, and how many suffer from abnormal sexual behaviour or have turned themselves into alcohol and substance abusers only to run away from their memories? I don’t know; nobody knows. However, one thing we all know: among those commiting suicide young men, as a group, constitute a majority. We don’t know how many of these took their lives because of the German military’s ‚play doctor games’, but we know that if there were only one, there were one too many.
Do not forget: these men were never in war; they were not injured or maimed at a battlefield; they have not witnessed a genocide or barbaric butchery of other people, and, in many cases, they have not even been serving in the forces. Still the memories have burned on to the soul and probably for ever; still they are victims of the war machine and the perversion that go along with it. And, it is worse than so: not only do all these men suffer mentally, also their physical health will be in jeopardy; many of these victims of perversion will never volunteer to see a doctor. For them the trust is broken. That’s what has been done and is being done to the people.

So, why are the private parts of young men still today so important for the German defence forces? Odd really, nobody can give me an answer to my question. I have asked all health and defence authorities (among them two ministers of defence, the present and his predecessor), and I have requested an answer from not only all members of Bundestag, the parliament, but also from a number of medical boards (from different federal states). All these people have heard from me. Nobody, however, is keen to provide me with an answer. Nobody knows, or so it seems; nobody is, as it looks like, responsible, and nobody will discuss. They all try to get away. Franz Josef Jung was at the time of the research for my book ‚MUSTERUNG State Legitimated German Perversion’ minister of defence. Today his successor is Karl-Theodor Freiherr zu Guttenberg. Also these two gentlemen once upon the time were ‚mustered’. Also their private parts were thorougly controlled, checked and assessed. I am fairly convinced that the young Franz Josef and the young Karl-Theodor at that point were faily upset. Dr Jung und Dr zu Guttenberg, however, no longer have the currage to speak out. Now as they could, they wont. The human memory sometimes is very short….

Today 64 years after the war we only se peacefull Frenchmen, Dutch, Belgians and Poles on the borders of Germany. In spite of that this country – that started both the two big twentieth century wars – is not only one of the last European states with conscription but also the last to stick to humiliating induction exams. Yes, it is indeed a good question to ask: where are the enemies to the German population? Rather than looking across the borders it might be a good idea for them to search their own country. When thinking of all ruined souls of young (and old) men, it seems to be a very good thing to do.

March 11 this year the young German Tim K. went berserk and killed fifteen people and in the end himself. Thereafter the whole country has been busy trying to find an explanation for why it had all happened. Why did it come this far for this young boy? It was, after all, not the first time that a young person had lost control and dozens of people had been killed. Tim K. was seventeen at the time of his and his victims’ death, and, according to a psychologist, he had lived in a lonesome fantasy-world around his computer. Ego-Shooter games had totally taken over his life. But, there were more to it: on the computer he had also collected pictures of bondage scenarious. The parts people played in these pictures were always the same: men were dominated by women. They were tied up; they were being induced pain. It was obvious, something inside Tim himself must have hurt him very much. This, his secret world, pointed at that. However, nobody knows what had really happened. Had he been severely humiliated in the past? Very likely so. According to a psychiatrist, Reinmar du Bols (SPIEGEL 38/2009), Tim had, for whatever reason, been drawn into a world of masochistic submission. The only defence against all this suffering (however illogical and wrong): to shoot with sharp ammunition. About the inside world of this young person Dr Bols writes: ‚only with the knowledge that he at some point would punish the women who sexually harrased and humiliated him he could accept the masochistische submission. The possibility that Tim K. on purpose wanted to kill women is in this case of massmurder very much possible.’
Tim K. was not the only young man who lived with catastrophic thoughts in his head; there are for sure a number of others out there. In a very insecure world, in a world where more and more young boys – in abscence of good male role models – withdraw to the world of their computers they are probably to be found in thousands (which probably is only a very careful estimate…).
I dont know if Tim K. at the time of the massacre already had attended a military induction exam. I don’t know if he there already had been subject to forced inspection and assessment. I don’t know if he in one of these military outposts already had been forced to show his most intimate parts and had had to pull back his foreskin. I don’t know if that could have been the trigger for his final actions. However, one thing I do know: the combination of state-sanctioned sexual abuse and the sensitive inner world of young males can be a very explosive mixure.

For the state to remain faithful to perverse exams which have their roots in imperial times is a disgrace for the entire German population. It is a disgrace because the victims have been given no rights to protect themselves and because no others in legislative position have found reason to come to their help, but most of all it is a disgrace and shame that these young people – whoes bodies are being taken over by the state – have been shamefully exempted from the most basic law of all: the celebrated Constitution and its ‚unencroachable’ protection of ‚all’ people’s right of human dignity…. It is in fact so: the law that was introduced right after the war in order to (among other things) safeguard and protect the dignity of all men and women (opposite to the obvious views of the Nazis) is not as absolut as first was intended. Afterwards it has been decided that the ‚dignity of every human being’ is not to include young men…. With the conscription law (which oddly enough on this matter overrules ‚the law over all others’…) it was comfortably decided that there must be an exclusion from this ‚principle’ for these ‚cases’. ‚One cannot protect the dignity of conscripts, or can one?’ The constitution, on the paper, continues to look impressive and protective, but, with this smart move an irritating problem was solved. Clever? Yes. A disgrace? Yes.

We are now in the twenty-first century, but still a major European state allows itself to act as a sex pervie. Still a young man there will continue to be like a child in the hands of a pedofile, and, as the child, he’s got no chance. As the child he can’t and wont be allowed to protect himself. ‚He has to accept it,’ as it is being said from official side. So it seems: no matter if seven and in the hands of a sex pervert or seventeen and in the hands of the state inspektors, the show must go on. Young German men continue to be ‚asked’ to defend their country and the national freedom and dignity, and at the same time their own personal freedom and dignity continue to be taken away from them. Against such a group of young human beings – who at the time it happens are right in the middle of a highly vulnerable time in their sexual development – the state and its authorities, with full national support, or so it seems, continue to force their way with humiliating intimchecks. No, nobody is responsible, it is said. All involved are only ‚doing their duties’; they are ‚following orders’. It is not the first time I have heard such nonsens…


There are other countries with huge problems: it is estimated that an average of 3000 young Russian conscripts lose their life every year – many of them through suicide. Even the ministerium of defence acknowledges that their is a problem: according to its own official statistic 45 young conscripts died in May last year alone and 22 of them took their own life.