Hard to believe it is true, but it is

Hard to believe it is true, but it is

”…………. In this document a complainant describes and criticizes the humiliating examinations. Part of this document has been leaked to me by a friendly source with access to such complaints. Thanks to this person I can here disclose what this insider has to tell.
  Some of these experiences are indeed remarkable: in one example it is referred to a young man who is in the process of having his genitals examined. The female doctor had, as it is described in the complaint, ‘been manipulating so much with the penis that the young man had got an erection and was standing like that with a red face right in the middle of the
  Now something quite extraordinary follows: as the examiner thereafter wanted to examine the testicles, they were gone…. disappeared! Faced with this inexplicable ‘mystery’ the woman panicked and a male doctor was called into the room to assist. Fortunately for all involved this man was then able to explain for his female colleague that when having an erection it is fully normal that the testicles disappear up into the inguinal canal. Indeed comforting news for an incompetent doctor, but it would probably be very difficult to name a more humiliating and degrading situation in which one could find oneself than the one in which this young man had been placed.
  I have heard quite a lot by now, but still, that story shocked me. It was, however, just an example. In another that is also described in this complaint a young man is laying stark naked on a couch in the examination room. He is in full view of everyone present. Again a male colleague is called upon. This time he is asked this question: ‘are the genitals here not to small?

I am sure that for Germans who are interested in real equality this important organisation will be interesting:

Über MANNdat

“Gleichberechtigung, die nur für Frauen gilt, ist nicht nur paradox, sie ist untragbar!”

MANNdat versteht sich als unabhängige, überparteiliche Interessenvertretung für männliche Bürger. Wir wollen die Bürgerrechte von Jungen und Männern stärken, bestehende Benachteiligungen bekannt machen und dazu beitragen, sie zu überwinden.
In der folgenden Übersicht zeigen wir auf, wo Jungen und Männer ungerecht behandelt oder benachteiligt werden. Daraus leiten wir konkrete Forderungen an die politisch Verantwortlichen ab. Denn ohne die Stärkung der Rechte von Männern und Jungen kann es keine wirkliche Gleichberechtigung geben.