MUSTERUNG – Military sexual abuse

MUSTERUNG – Military sexual abuse

‘Strip naked; pull back the foreskin; turn; bend forward; spread your buttocks.’ In the hands of a perverted military establishment generations of German young men have always done what they were told…….

This is what my book MEDICAL RAPE is about  And if you click on To whom it may concern you can read my letter to the German minister of defence. I ask him immediately to stop state authorised sexual abuse of young German men in the name of the armed forces.

You can help by insisting he answers my call. It’s easy. E-mail addresses follow the letter. Copy, paste and send.

My campaign above has been against abuse in Germany. But, unfortunately, there are other countries with huge problems: it is estimated that an average of 3000 young Russian conscripts lose their life every year – many of them through suicide. Even the ministry of defence acknowledges that there is ‘a problem’: according to its own official statistic 45 young conscripts died in May alone and 22 of them took their own life. These young people are exposed to even worse humiliating treatment than their German colleagues.

A letter from a victim of state authorised abuse might help to describe what an impact this ‘secret’ humiliation has had and has on the male population – though nobody is prepared to talk about it openly. 

This is a newspaper interview with a draft doctor, Sibylle Teichert, at the end of the draft (but it will continue for her with the volunteers. She can go on as usual).

the whole article is focused on genitalia, the powerlessness of the victim and Mrs Teichert’s power over stripped young men. This woman (52) has spent the last 26 years checking conscripts for forced service in the armed forces, and, though she never herself, due to her gender, was subject to the draft and/or humiliating ‘medical’ examinations, she is described in the interview as missing the times, now gone (since a year or two) when she could ask the police to pick up youngsters who in fear had tried to stay away from her thorough inspections of them. Each and every one of them have then had to present to her their genitals and turn around and bend over to have their anus checked. Ultimately the police would secure that they didn’t escape this woman and/or her colleagues. “Nun müsse man noch einer eventuellen Analfistel auf den Grund gehen – die störe beim Marschieren” or in English: “We have to look for anal fistulas, she said. They disturb the marching…”  Interesting, only men are checked for that, women who volounteer for the army are not….  And how ridiculous an excuse to humiliate people: anybody with such problems (not being able to walk… I hope we are not talking about “Stechmarsch” or goose step…. or are we, Mrs Teichert?) would seek help from decent medical personal long before ending up infront of this woman or her colleagues.