A Paradise for Perverts

A Paradise for Perverts

All protection of identity in the following is my making. All these photoes are to be found on the internet and they show people with their face unprotected. They are all officially taken and made public by the authorities. So much for the privacy of these men. On the internet there are hundreds of similar images; many of them exist in different versions. What I present here are images which I consider real and undoctored. However, as this area of public humiliation of completely innocent human beings has another side to it than just the military authorites’ ambition to remove the last bit of dignity before making a killing machine out of a peaceful man, many similar pictures have been tampered with by people with perverted sexual ideas.  I am not able to say what came first in this example of ‘the hen and the egg’, but there is out there, and the internet is the place to research this (as hidden sexual desires come out in the open in the cover of anonymity), a world of men and women whose sexuality is focused on humiliation of men by women (as the opposite exists, but that is outside of this subject). Both men and women here find sexual satisfaction in this game: in different ways – by humiliating or by being humiliated. I am in  no doubt that many men with such sexual deviation have started on this sexual path as a result of humiliating medical examinations either as children (As an American man wrote to me recently, and I have heard similar things many times before: “it happens in public schools, for example, when boys must stand naked in a school hallway being examined by a nurse whilst girls march by to her office for ‘private counsel”) or as forced objects at draft office medicals – this especially after female medical staff have taken over this job as part of their ‘right to equal opportunities in the work place’. You can look up CFNM yourself and find out the massive numbers of people involved in this hidden area of human sexuality. A very good guess is that many women working in draft offices performing or watching these ‘medicals’ also spend time discussing their ‘very special interests’ on different internet forums and in CFNM groups. There are also people, men (in Germany) to be found who are looking for participants to ‘musterung weekends’ where old experiences are replayed, not as part of a self help group in order to come to terms with, as goes for so many others, the persisting mental problems which have their roots in the humiliating experience by the musterungs/draft doctor, but in order to enjoy more of the same – as this now for many has become the only way to enjoy sexual satisfaction.

I dare say, this is the biggest obstacle to men’s rights to decent health care and survival from otherwise treatable diseases on pair with women. Why? Because the memories keep them away from seeking medical health care for anything below the waistband. Still, though Germany is in top of the statistic for fatal testicular cancer in the world, the German urologists in DGU and the German military forces continue to claim that their military doctors are the solution to the problem. No, they are not the solution to many German young men’s untimely deaths; they are the reason for many of them who died because these young people never again would set foot in a doctors surgery. I personally know a few who have sworn they will never again expose themselves to that kind of humiliation. As they were young teenagers they didn’t dare protest: being matured men they say: never again. They will pay the bill themselves but the the responsibility lies elsewhere and that is a very serious matter.



Preparing for WWI, the so called “great” war, a war that in reality was a mass slaughter of young men (on both sides) who had no reason to be out there apart from the risk of being shot by their own aristocracy if they weren’t. They all started their march to death this way – as portrayed in this picture from one of the emperor’s draft offices.






Preparing to serve the Nazis. No the musterung exams didn’t start in 1955 as claimed by the German BW. They just continued where Hitler had been forced to stop.








26and even this Hitler had not come up with. I am not sure of the origin of this picture but this is how a young man recently described his musterungs experience five years ago. I would have preferred the two previous scenarios if I could choose my own fate as a young person – though I didn’t mean the WWI trenches or Hitler’s Sturmtruppen. I cannot come up with anything more humiliating than this picture of a conscripted young man being examined for forced duty by a woman who has all the power in her hand but is or where under no duties herself. As I do not know the origin of this picture,  therefore I conceal her identity as well.






This is a picture from a video. I have been sent the link from a Russian contact and it is said to be Ukrainian. The video shows the examination of the young man’s private parts but to show him in full and naked is totally unnecessary and can only be considered as blatant abuse. To protect the man, who in the video looks terrified, I will not give the link to the video. Could you imagine the same done to a young woman?





British-doctor-performing-TV-strip-exams-of-genitals-225x300 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlo1iw_lady-doctor-performs-testicle-exam_lifestyle

This is more of the same. This is a video produced for an English Television channel, a program called ‘Embarrassing bodies’. This series of programs I will have to call very un-English, as this exposure of a naked man only for checking his testicles would be unheard of in a British surgery. The video has a clear sexual message of medical sex. The video can easily be found on the internet (by just googling ‘testicular exam video’, that anybody would do if they were looking for information in this area) and therefore I give the link here. That it can be easily found is however a huge problem: young men who see this, will they thereafter go to their doctor? Of course not. In England this would not take place like this, it would be totally against British mentality (one only need to pull the trousers a little bit down and keep everything else on, anything else is perversion). However, in order to produce a smart sexy program this doctor endanger generations of men’s health. Yes, English young men do not need to fear these humiliating methods, but when it comes to Germans, almost all of them have at least once stood like that. Is there any wonder that Germany is “doing very well” in the international table of fatal testicular cancer? Who will voluntarily expose themselves to this?

6. Teichert-229x300


The whole article is focused on genitalia (though it should all rightfully be about ability to serve as a soldier…), the powerlessness of the victim and Mrs Teichert’s power over stripped young men. This woman (52) has spent the last 26 years checking conscripts for forced service in the armed forces, and, though she never herself, due to her gender, was subject to the draft and/or humiliating ‘medical’ examinations, she is described in the interview as missing the times now gone (since a year or two) when she could ask the police to pick up youngsters who in fear had tried to stay away from her thorough inspections of them. Each and every one of them have then had to present to her their genitals and turn around and bend over to have their anus checked. Ultimately the police would secure that they didn’t escape this woman and/or her colleagues. “Nun müsse man noch einer eventuellen Analfistel auf den Grund gehen – die störe beim Marschieren” or in English: ”We have to look for anal fistulas, she said. They disturb the marching…”  Interesting, only men are checked for that, women who volounteer for the army are not….  And how ridiculous an excuse to humiliate people: anybody with such problems (not being able to walk… I hope we are not talking about “Stechmarsch” or goose step…. or are we, Mrs Teichert?) would seek help from decent medical personal long before ending up in front of this woman or her colleagues.



Meeting the psychologist before being sent to be killed and maimed for life (in body and soul) in Vietnam. Yes, you are right, he, the ‘patient’ (again, at the psychologist) has got nothing on.







American youths waiting to be shipped off to Vietnam. A while ago an American man wrote to me: “I lived through that, and it wasn’t the Kong most men complained about but about the way they were treated by the American military.”








Any concern for the two young man’s privacy? Not likely.






16What are they doing to him and why? And why publish it on the web? (here as everywhere else I covered the face)









Anus check Chinese style. Official Photo from official Chinese website. This website contains a number of photos of the most humiliating character with all faces recognisable. That’s how they they treat their youth. The special military interest in men’s backside has been explained to me by two German urologist recently. One – a woman – insisted that enlisted men (or as she put it ‘mercenaries’) had no right to have their dignity protected, contrary to the earlier conscripts. According to her they had to be checked for anal fistulas to make sure they would be able to marsch… The other, a man, meant it was because “Young men, who constantly ride cars as drivers of vehicles can have hair between their buttocks turn inward to cause painful and long lasting infections that quite frequently need surgical treatment”. I leave it to you to make sense of all that. Yes, all these guys above are probably future drivers or, as the woman obviously meant, they have to be checked and declared ready for the goose step. Interesting. After all, the cars were not even invented as this practice was introduced. And I have never heard that taxi and lorry drivers are regularly called in for checks of their back sides as are their vehicles. But that might come, a drivers MOT?


Medical officers review a conscript at a military training centre, the biggest in the former Soviet Union, in the village of Oster, some 90 km from the capital Kiev, October 29, 2009. Around 19,500 recruits were called up to the Ukrainian army this autumn. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich (UKRAINE MILITARY SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Medical officers review a conscript at a military training centre, the biggest in the former Soviet Union, in the village of Oster, some 90 km from the capital Kiev, October 29, 2009. Around 19,500 recruits were called up to the Ukrainian army that autumn. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich (UKRAINE MILITARY SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Official photo from draft office in Ukraine.














and from Russia. That is how they treat their young men – nowadays only the poor and disadvantaged, not the sons of the people in power (they always got away, but now many more do). The suicide rate in the Russian army is alarmingly high. According to official statistic 231 recruits committed suicide in 2008 alone (one almost every day). There will be other reasons behind that shocking number – mainly bullying and extremely harsh conditions – but I am sure that perverted medical ‘examinations’ played a big part in why many of those young men tragically chose to end their own lives. Now please act. Speak out. Protect the youth of the world. Stop the abuse. There is no other way to stop the violence – the domestic included.