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5.17.2012 | josephine

Hitlers FahnenflüchtigeÜber 20.000 Deserteure und Kriegsdienstverweigerer wurden von Hitlers brutalen Kriegsrichtern zum Tode verurteilt und hingerichtet. Zigtausend andere kamen in Militärgefängnissen und Strafbatallionen ums Leben. Selbst für diejenigen, die mit dem Leben davongekommen waren, war das Leben nach dem Krieg nie mehr dasselbe. Bis zu ihrem Lebensende galten die meisten Männer, die den Nazis ihre Gefolgschaft entzogen hatten, als Verräter. Im Gegensatz dazu konnten ihre Richter, Leute, die dem NS-Staat treu gedient hatten, als geehrte Männer sofort nach Kriegsende in Politik und Justiz ihre Karriere fortsetzen. Das vorliegende Buch untersucht ein unglaubliches Unrecht. Es erzählt die Geschichte von Justizmorden von erschreckendem Ausmaß.


EPSON scanner imageWhy do young men in many countries not have a right to their own body? My article (part of it to the left) in Danish Sygeplejersken is old and so are all the others here, but the discrimination remains – not much has changed. This was how a young conscripted Danish man saw his life after he finally had ended up in a psychiatric clinic specially set up by the Ministry of Defence to ‘treat’ young men who had suffered mental breakdowns due to the department’s own institutionalised and fully accepted ill-treatment of him and his peers. I demand equal rights for all human beings, not reversed gender discrimination, ill-treatment and exploitation. I demand a world-wide end to military abuse of young men.

EPSON scanner imageAnd it goes on and on, here extremely serious: This is the story about the Ayatollah’s and Saddam Hussein’s war-resisters, a Danish prison,Amnesty International and me and another Lars.

In the Western Prison in Copenhagen, a detention centre, anybody would be seen as “guilty until proven innocent” and was treated as such. This also was the case for refugees from the ongoing Iran-Iraq war/mass-slaughter. Saddam Hussein’s deserters were seen as traitors – as Mr Hussain at the time was on ‘our’ (the western world’s) side – and, interestingly enough, the Iranians were considered supporters of the same terror regime they had fled…..



EPSON scanner imageA critical insider’s view on Danish psychiatry. As happens to most whistle blowers: after that article I never again worked in a Danish high security mental health ward. I wasn’t welcome. All articles on this page relate to conditions in Denmark for mentally ill prisoners and patients during the period 1981-2000. I have no evidence, but I fear not much has changed. If I was to be proved wrong, I will be very happy. Unfortunately, there is no reason for vague hopes like that in the following (by far worse) case:



EPSON scanner imageMuch worse: this is how the ‘leader of the free world’, USA, dealt and still deals with some of its most severe mentally ill citizens: How they killed Larry. I met with his mother Lois in Huntsville, Texas one week after her beloved, mentally ill son was killed by Georg W Bush’s executioners. (Original article in Danish Sygeplejersken, 30 June 2000).

Later I, as co-ordinator of Amnesty International’s death penalty campaign in Denmark, helped bring Lois and Journey of Hope on a month-long speaking tour of the Scandinavian countries, meeting parliamentarians, the general public and the media – all of this in the hope of getting help to stop medieval retaliation against mostly the poor and disadvantaged. That tour was shortly after followed by Don Cabana, a former American prison governor I had got to know through American contacts.


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