Donald A. Cabana

Donald A. Cabana

Don Cabana

whom I befriended in the late nineties, was an unusual man. Never would I, a lifelong unwavering opponent to state murder have thought that I would  regularly chat on the phone with one of the senior executioners of the US death industry; never would I have thought me able to have him as my guest in Copenhagen. Still, all this happened and Don’s tour of Scandinavia was very successful – as far as it came to media coverage at least. Don Cabana wanted the world to help him tell his own people that the state murder had to stop. I hope our tour helped a bit in that respect.  Sadly, Don died early, aged 67. If you like to know more about him, please read his book  Death at Midnight the Confession of an Executioner.

Death at Midnight

Below my Danish article for Berlingske Tidene, printed 30 January 2000. It consists of translated cuts from “Death at Midnight” and was intended to coincide with Cabana’s visit to Denmark. Apology for the bad copy – copied from a broadsheet and I do no longer have the original.

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