BRITISH CARE HOMES A real scandal: You can be their next victim.

Do you trust the government watchdogs around the care home industry? Whether you do or not, you have no reason to. I know what I am talking about. As a former nurse working for eight years in various homes in both England and Scotland I have learned my lesson the hard way and I can prove it: neither the Care Quality Commission and/or local services nor the Nursing and Midwifery Council have shown much of interest when it comes to investigating very detailed and serious allegations about abuse of the vulnerable. Fifteen months after my last complaint they have done next to nothing; they haven’t even asked to speak to me…. and, what is even worse, the same happened to me before in another case. Conclusion: they are just not interested. Question: so what are they there for? No matter how serious – I am actually talking about abuse causing painful death and much more of the same calibre – none of these bodies have done anything but trying to put a lid on the whole issue. Abuse in British care homes is endemic; it is very often due to mismanagement and greed, but nobody with power to do anything about it seems to care….. However, I do, and I hope you will. This profit-obsessed business must be dealt with. The day you find yourself in one of their beds it will be too late to do your bit.

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abusive manager in Surrey  and another one here

all details presented. Contact me and help stop this ABUSE.

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