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8.09.2010 | Books

Tony Benn: “Lars G Petersson’s book about the terrible suffering of German soldiers who refused – on conscientious ground – to fight for Hitler in the war is not only important because of the story that he tells, but because those who work for peace are often vilified, punished and put to death in their country of birth and their memory later smeared by a charge of treachery when, in truth they were heroes and inspire us all. This is what nationalism does to humanity – and it is still going on, which is why this book is a book for us all – today.”

The book can be bought in the Danish Resistance Museum’s book shop or ordered from their website:

or from Amazon

<<Review on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Moving and Inspiring, June 27, 2012 By  chris k – See all my reviews  I did not know about the history of deserters from Hitler’s army. The ongoing, contemporary treatment of these courageous men is appalling. This book is a must-read. Highly recommended.>>

 Reviews in Danish newspapers:  and short version of the story:


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